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and make everyone who hear can be smile and love it... the channel that this drama is airing has few viewers. You are very cute, its even better when you laugh n it is cuttest when you try n hide ur cute unproper canine teeth with your hand. Its midning n i along wid my eldr n younger sistr jst finished watching your movie. ...........i like you so much.........i love your voice..........your no.1 fan here in the Philippines....on composing good see you in!!!!!!!! Hope you will notice me one day, and say that you love me back. ^o^ I am a huge fan, and I just want to agree with everyone when they say you shouldn't get plastic surgery..are so handsome and so sweet, and your smile absolutely melts my heart. hopefully your band, CNBLUE will know not only in Asia but also famous all over the world.. You are the best at everything: act, music, "dance : P".. I have been promoting this drama to all my friends all over the world and to my sister in Dubai. make Yong Shin fans happy always by making another movie or drama with Shin Hye. Just wanna comment on your movie "heartstring" mehn! I even finished the entire episodes of heartstring before it was released it here in philppines:) .. But then again you are not going to see this coment any way! i love your drama HEARTSTRINGS and YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL...... One of your fans said that you look like ji hoo in Boys over Flowers.i related?

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that-mean-I-LIKE-YOU-&-I-LOVE-YOU-Soooooooooooo-much! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooood ............. I fall head over heels for them and omg I'm dying Lee Pil Mo and Jeong Yong Hwa are my baes I love them so much. i hope you continue your great job and always be humble. I put jung yong hwa,s picture in my bedroom & I love he for ever, I can do every thing for he, I can die for he.i think that yong hwa need more than seohyun. please send it to my imail([email protected])([email protected])( ANNYEONGHASEYO!!!!!!!! me and my sister downloaded ur songs and even concerts.. i I love jung yong hwa &I think seohyun is very augly & I hope that she never love yong hwa & she want he just for money.

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