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In recent years Warner, like many other rural communities, has seen a great increase in the number of motorcycles, snowmobiles, bicycles, and saddle horses.There is little evidence, however, that shanks' mare is becoming any more popular as a means of getting around. In view of present-day speed limits, it is interesting to note than in 1908 a motorist was breaking the law if he drove his car at a speed of twenty-two miles per hour. These individuals, with the exception of Theodore L. Two persons had their registrations cancelled during the year for reasons not stated.

Here and there as I came to a crossing, a new steel or cement structure had replaced the old 'pal' I had known." So wrote W.

On the side of his wagon was a sign that read "Horseless Carriage." Sen. Chandler was the first person in Warner to own a motor car-a Stanley Steamer. Wilkins owned the second one, a Pierce Arrow with engine number eighteen. The road was designated by the New Hampshire legislature as the "Frank D.

He kept it for five years and then sold it for fifty dollars. Merrill Highway" in honor of Major General Merrill, who commanded the unit known as "Merrill's Marauders" in World War II.

At one time there were at least eight covered bridges in town.

They included, besides the aforementioned ones, a railroad bridge at Bagley; a railroad bridge and a highway bridge at Roby; one covered with a roof, near the old fairgrounds; and one at Davisville which was swept away in the flood of 1936.

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