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When Taurus falls in love with a Gemini, they will do anything to understand their nature.

There is nothing that a gentle nature of Taurus can’t understand, however different from their personal primal character it might be.

In most cases, their best chance of a loving relationship is in the love Taurus feels.

We wouldn’t say that Gemini is insensitive or unemotional, but they certainly have different approach to their emotional nature than the Earth sign of Taurus, that exalts the Moon.

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Gemini’s intentions are often misinterpreted here and this can lead to a number of following situations that will hurt them both.

This is where their differences and element natures strongly diverge.

They should really try hard to accept the true value of both their worlds in order to work out their differences.

Gemini partner will start thinking of excuses to get out of any obligation imposed on them by Taurus, only to avoid hurting their feelings.

In response, Taurus will sense something is wrong and start obsessing about their partner’s behavior and the things they say.

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