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To be sure, the scale of the military confrontation is not the same.

Disarmament deals in the past three decades have lowered the temperature of the nuclear confrontation.

Behind three lines of perimeter fencing were two structures, each around 300 meters long, with sloping sides partially covered by black metal sheets.

The structures match archive images showing the Dnepr radar system.

Inside the fenced perimeter of one in August, stood two 500-metre-long green hangars into which military vehicles drove.

Nearby, trucks rumbled between a huge concrete plant and a construction site that will become a second base.

Those facilities, mainly around Sevastopol, are now being expanded.

In one bay on the outskirts of the city, according to procurement documents, the Russian military is building a training centre for navy divers.

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One of the stations - a facility with four revolving radars each encased in a large white dome - sits halfway up a mountain near the Crimean seaside town of Feodosiya.

Both Bulgaria and Romania feel very threatened.'Crimea is now the closest Russian-controlled territory to NATO member Romania, which since May has hosted part of a U. The project is scheduled to become operational in late 2018, when work on a radar installation in Poland - the other main land-based component in the shield - is completed.

Washington says the shield is designed as a defence against Iranian missile strikes.

Absent too are the hundreds of thousands of troops who were stationed on either side of the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe during the Cold War.

But elements of the conventional military standoff are now returning. In a week touring the region, a Reuters reporter saw 18 sites, including naval bases, radar stations and airfields.

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