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I then decided to go back to basics, and follow their instructions exactly. Then I launched a clean dev server with no command line options. I had all the data frolicking about inside my dev server, .Without the address option, the dev server would launch with localhost as being it’s address, and no other device could connect to it.This is a very serious problem as the various comments on the Apple App of the shop are very negative for those applications not running on i Phone OS 5.This incompatibility is normal but just because developers have to try and test their designs with the new operating system, and this will take time.5 The version of IOS that Apple will release in the fall will be the final for all users.So after banging my head on the keyboard for a couple hours, and not being able to find any answers as to why upload_data only works to a local dev server if you’re running on localhost, I found a round-about way of getting production data into my own i OS friendly dev server: A lot more cumbersome than just doing a simple download/upload routine to test stuff locally.Of course, I may be missing something entirely as I’m still relatively new to GAE, and there may be a way to do this with a local dev server that is running on an actual LAN ip instead of localhost, but I haven’t been able to find it.This following post is probably going to be useful to an extremely niche audience: anyone developing a multi-user i OS app that has a GAE backend.

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Many users have created the account by developers, although they were not, to test these versions of software not yet final. If you are registered as developers can use the beta versions that Apple makes from time to time, this so that you can begin to test their applications on the new operating system.

If the data are important, and it is usually necessary to use the i Phone / Touch or i Pad should think twice before installing these versions.

It could cause crashes the phone that lead to the loss of data or, possibly, the block of the device.

AVMedia Selection Group media Selection Group);public static void Did Select Media Selection Option (IAVPlayer View Controller Delegate This, AVPlayer View Controller player View Controller, AVFoundation.

AVMedia Selection Option media Selection Option, AVFoundation.

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