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The Western Ghats are characterised by steeper hills and bisected by roads at regular intervals.The Satpura hills in the North and the Chiroli-Bhamragad-Gaikhuri ranges on the east stand as the natural barriers for the state.Thereafter, the empire was divided into three dynasties - Yadavas, Hoysalas and the Kakatiyas.Towards the end of Thirteenth Century, Ala-uddin Khilji invaded the state; following him, Muslim rulers like Mohammed bin Tughlaq and the Bahamani Sultans from Bijapur also established their supremacy.Software industry is doing very well in this area and the state contributes to almost 30 percent to the software export of India.Maharashtra is well known for producing agricultural crops like rice, bajra, jowar, wheat, several types of pulses, onions, turmeric, and several types of oil seeds like sunflower, groundnut and soyabean.

The soil is residual type, black in colour, clayey in nature, retains moisture and is also rich in iron, shallow and poor, not suitable for every type of crop.The main rivers of Maharashtra are River Godavari, River Krishna and the River Tapi.The state has a typical tropical monsoon climate, with three distinct seasons of hot, scorching summers, and cold, chilly winters.After the decline of the Mauryans, the Satvahans, the Traikutakas, the Vatakas controlled the whole of Maharashtra.Subsequently, Kalacuris and Chalukyas came to power.

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