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Locals say there’s a crisis every decade or so and the way things are headed it’s a matter of when, not if…Mexico Always a great value on the USA’s doorstep, this favorite destination of both tourists and expats will be an even better deal this year.That’s because the peso is 14.7 to the dollar as I write this, way off its historic norm.If you’re American or Canadian and you ask me where you could pack a few suitcases and take off with just a grand or two in your bank account, this is where I’d tell you to go.

This year is a bit different in the sense that I’m celebrating the release of my new book, .

For Americans and Canadians, Latin America is the easiest region.

You don’t have to deal with jet lag, you can usually find flights for a price that won’t kill you to go back and forth, and if you’re trying to run a business you don’t have to radically alter your schedule to attend conference calls or get in touch with those wanting to hire you for a project.

The countries here are used to dealing with foreigners and have fairly straightforward residency application paths.

They all give you at least 90 days as a tourist also, which makes it pretty easy to do a temporary move or a trial run.

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