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When you’re in a great relationship, you can’t imagine having sex with anyone else.

You can barely remember having sex with anybody else.

You will almost run out of ways to spice things up. So your date can do something off-putting, and you might still have sex because you don’t let non-sex things affect sex.

You will start buying Kama Sutra books and researching lubrication that offers different sensations. When a relationship is in the budding stages, or still very casual, sex is non-negotiable. In a relationship, what happens outside of sex deeply affects what happens inside of sex.

If you hang out and don’t have sex, it sends you into a tailspin of anxiety. If you’ve had a wonderful, loving date full of laughter, the sex will be playful and drawn out.

If you’re feeling cold towards each other, the sex might be distant or non-existent.

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