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But if he will open again IF he wants to make money... I agree I dont much care for that owner personally I will never spend my money in there, I had the old lady dont know if she the mother in law or what , she does books behind the bar tell me to fuck off all i did was ask her for another sml.This ad is here because Agoda has changed their policies on hotel bookings regarding affiliates.I am pretty sure that there are undercover female cops infiltrating the go-gos, as friends of a dancer rather than dancer themselves from previous encounters so I don't think anywhere is safe, these days.You can bet that this site and other forums are read by the police pretending to be mongers.Last month my buddy got a girl from Dragon's den and saw her after club hours.She mentioned to him...actually text him that a policeman was befriending her and told her she was to good to be doing that type of work. It sure put are spider senses on alert..concerned about setting my friend up, but maybe this is their strategy with having insiders working in the bars.Lord knows these girls are dumb as fence posts, easy informants.

These are usually staffed with less attractive women.Agoda is now completely deleting the 365 day cookie along with removing any subsequent bookings brought though your bookings.Philippines Addicts used to get credit for this along with anybody booking through Agoda 365 days after they initially clicked on our link.Once inside of an Angeles City go go bar customers will see a number of women on stage dancing, usually in some kind of bikini or uniform.Too much shouldn’t be expected outside of the big bars like Atlantis. After a few minutes the mamasan will usually ring a bell and the next set of girls will get up and dance.

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