Russian dating manners

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They then dress the body in all-white, handmade clothing left slightly unfinished because it belongs not in this world but the “other world.” In Christianity, the white clothing worn by the corpse represents the pure life the deceased promised to live when he or she was baptized.

Orthodox households and Old Belief (pre-1650 Orthodoxy) households perform this ritual slightly differently.

At the funeral, a priest performs the “seeing off” ceremony, praying over the body and allowing mourners to throw dirt on the grave, symbolically incorporating the corpse into the earth.

The priest then places a paper crown on the head of the deceased and the mourners throw soil and coins into the grave (the coins are either to pay for transit to the “other world” or for the space in the cemetery).

Neighbors suspected magic to be the cause of people so passionate they lost their senses.

Christianity supported marriage and child-bearing, but it did not support the pursuit of pleasures of the flesh.

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