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Wonder Girl, Artemis, Zatanna, and Miss Martian from director Brandon Vietti's co-created series Young Justice also make a cameo appearance as home viewers.The original music score was composed by Ryan Shore.

All the previous animated movies got a TV-Y7-FV rating.Furious over its loss, Vicious vented its frustration on the town until Sin Cara Grande warded it off to a cave at the cost of a career-ending leg injury.It is believed by Sin Cara that the spirit of the bear has been stirred by Wrestle Mania. Richards that the WWE belt has been stolen, and Scooby is arrested after being caught with it around his waist, with security footage showing him caught in the act.Upon their arrival, the Mystery Machine crashes on a ditch after Fred narrowly avoids a crossing raccoon.The gang meets John Cena, his trainer Cookie, and Cookie's nephew, Ruben, before Cena lifts the Mystery Machine back on the road.

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