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A year ago Grumbling Fur’s gig at the 2014 Quietus Christmas do was pretty much what inspired us to ask them if they’d be interested in releasing a weird drone 12″ with The Quietus Phonographic Corporation.

Little did we know that they’d give us an album that’d be praised to the heavens and act as the soundtrack to our entire year, as well as providing Solace in various Hours Of Need.

Når man er forelsket, flyter man rundt på en sky og lurer på om man noen ganger kommer til å lande.

I mean, I don’t want to jinx it or anything but they might actually be superb…” Second will be long-time Quietus favourites Zun Zun Egui, who we’ve been after putting on for about four or five years now.

We’ve seen our traffic keep slogging on upwards towards the glowing orb of the sun, have released Grumbling Fur’s brilliant Preternaturals to critical acclaim, and generally had a rare old time of it in various places around the UK and the world.

To celebrate all this, and to look forward to 2015, we’re going to be putting on a Christmas gig on Wednesday, December 17th at Oslo in Hackney, a venue with one of the best systems we’ve heard in recent times.

Sammen med en kompis startet han Lett, et konsept med fokus på sunn og kjapp mat laget av gode råvarer.

LES HELE SAKEN Møt HR-studenten Aniva, hun studerer ved Høyskolen Kristiania i Bergen Aniva setter ekstra stor pris på er at fagene er satt sammen slik at hun får en helhetlig forståelse av det store organisasjonsbildet.

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