Who is clea duvall dating 2016

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It’s ridiculous, and yet Peter’s impulse to make the accusation kind of makes sense — Ruby’s drunkenly trying to make a point about Hitler’s charisma, which makes her vulnerable, and both are trying desperately to wear down the other’s armor.Writer/director Du Vall is an expert in tension and release in these group scenes, with Annie’s drunken non sequiturs cutting through the spat with chatter about TV and her abnormal Pap test.But she’s on point with her character blocking, moving people — and the camera — just enough to give equal screentime to all and a clear sense of the space.Duvall’s spare, simple style also extends to her writing, but not always to great effect for a messy relationship story that demands some complexity.

The small-scale dramedy skillfully examines four relationships in various stages, and with a charming mix of humor and pathos, the film shows how these eight characters must confront the stresses in their relationships.

But the indies have found simple ways in recent years to revive the genre, whose most enduring success story is still 1983’s The Big Chill.

Clea Du Vall’s debut feature, The Intervention, is one of a mighty handful of indies to eschew the star system and place up-and-coming actors often relegated to supporting roles into the shared lead spot.

Annie and Matt are engaged, but Annie has pushed back the wedding date four times.

And Ruby and Pete are at each other’s throats, clearly on the verge of a divorce they may have reached without the urging of their friends at an idyllic summer home on the outskirts of Savannah.

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