Who is sebastian stan dating

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Not even Gerda Wegener's lesbian paintings are mentioned in this crap, only a ficticious love story to make AMPAS voters cry and nominate those awful performances.

Maybe someday a talent director will make a real biopic of Lili Elbe, stay away from this abomination made by Tom Hooper!

she'll disappear within two or three years and nobody will care, just like happened with Jessica Chasboring, her team was trying to make us believe that she's the next Meryl Streep lol, but she has no charisma, her hype has died and she can't have a hit of her own - Interstershit was a Nolan movie and what the hell did she did in The Martian? She needs to blow Harvey and Megan Ellison to get roles.

So those of you who say she acts circles around Redmayne in The Danish Girl, have you seen the film?

Ridiculous film by the way, it's 99% of fanfic and 1% of true story.

Vikander's character was lesbian in real life, but in the film she is portrayed as a straight, suffering and faithful wife.

Though Hollywood politics dictate she be nominated (in the wrong category) for The Danish Girl, she should really be nominated for Lead in Testament of Youth and Supporting in Ex Machina.

Vikander, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have such powerful pushing hands that we are aware of.

Even though I've just seen her in two films (Ex-Machina and The Danish Girl), She's the better actress compared to Chastain.

Vikander acted circles around Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

Audiences like to discover actors and follow their work at a pace over reasonable time, not have he/she shoved down their throats like a commodity in 18 months. I've seen her this year in Ex Machina, Testament of Youth, The Man from UNCLE and The Danish Girl.

It's interesting: I don't think she projects anything in still pictures, but in a motion picture, she's electrifying.

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