William j webb homosexuality

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In the ancient Near East (ANE), there was nothing forbidding a slave owner from beating his slave to death.

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The danger in being overly-static is superimposing all biblical texts into today’s context.

The paper intends to show that the RMM, though helpful to the broader discussion on hermeneutics, is not a sustainable model for today’s Christian.

THE REDEMPTIVE-MOVEMENT MODEL Webb’s primary thrust is that Christians employ a “static understanding” of the Bible.

He commends the sentiment of several prominent “no marks or bruises” and “two-smacks-max” advocates such as Albert Mohler, Andreas Kostenberger, and Focus on the Family, but is ultimately unimpressed with their conclusions.13 Rather, Webb suggests that Christians ought to abandon spankings altogether and instead seek alternative methods of discipline.

The ANE was a “mu- tilation-obsessed world” and Scripture is clearly “headed toward more constructive (less destructive) means of punishment” in such texts as Deuteronomy –12, but alternative-only methods show dignity to children and present a better “witness for Jesus in an unbelieving world.”14 While some are trapped in a concrete biblical understanding of child discipline, Webb reminds readers that “God cares deeply about the discipline of children, but surely he would not scold us” for using other non-violent methods.15 SOME CONSIDERATIONS As noted at the beginning of this paper, Webb’s RMM is a helpful addition to the hermeneutical conversation.

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